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Drivedeck offers the freedom and independence of a powered chair to a variety of different individuals.

Integral ramps allow any wheelchair to be easily loaded onto the platform, then used for standard joystick driving or to follow a pre-determined route in complete safety whether in schools, homes or gardens.

The track can be used as a guidance system for people improving their driving skills and with numerous control options it can gently match the users ability to functionality, growing where skills improve.

This fully integrated assessment tool can be used to establish the maximum potential for mobility and switching control of any individual, whilst they remain in the familiar surroundings of their own chair, classroom chair or even a beanbag!

This unique mobility and training aid is perfect for schools and clinics as it includes carer control, anti-collision sensors, voice confirmations, pre-determined track following, speed and motion control.

Drivedeck also comes with puncture proof tyres, tie-down straps and lengths of rubber tracking used for ad-hoc track layouts or may be permanently installed with all weather exterior tracking.

As an assessment tool

Using a Drivedeck is an easy and efficient way to assess an individual’s capacity and needs without having to wait for a fully fitted powerchair. Drivedeck also comes with it’s own complete assessment kit and a quantity of tracking.