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Smart System and controls; 
neurodisability switching and mounts
for mobility and communication

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Smile Smart Wheelchairs are standard powerchairs that have been provided with Smile Smart Technology features to create an innovative control system that offers freedom and independence to the user.

Using the unique Smile Smart Control System, created by Smile Smart Technology engineers allows a powerchair to transform the lifestyle of a user.

Smile Smart Technology's specialist engineers personally assess each individual before suggesting and creating an original solution.

The extensive range of multipositional switches, control devices and mounting solutions at Smile Smart Technology enables each user to increase their ability to complete a wide range of daily tasks with independence and ease, some for the first time.

Communication switching equipment is mounted on to powerchairs as a proven educational and training tool and is now widely used in schools, hospitals and clinics worldwide.

The comprehensive control system with its user friendly interface is easily modified to grow with the development and needs of each individual.

Engagement and enjoyment are important when teaching to drive and gain fulfillment from a powerchair. This was a fundamental consideration throughout the development of the Smile Smart System. It had to be functional and FUN!

Smile Smart Technology's current range of controls is installed as standard onto our prefered powerchairs, ACTIVATE’s innovative ‘Mustang’ for children and Handicare’s PUMA 40 providing a sturdy and reliable powerchair, perfect for teenagers and adults.