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Smile Smart System Powerchairs and controls. UK's leading Rehadapt mounting specialist for neurodisability switching, AAC and mobility.

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Ideal for head to switch users

Softytops from Smile Smart Technology can be used on the surface of the world’s leading brands of button switches, enabling users to apply pressure without discomfort.

Making the hard challenge of pressing switches a soft and inspiring experience.

The new way forward

The added depth and texture of Softytops enable the slightest connection to be amplified.

First time users and those training with switches will find the experience motivational and comfortable.

The welcoming texture of Softytops are warm to the touch and provide gentle, hygienic cushioning to switch users.

Ideal for head switch users and latex free.

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Available in 4 colours:
Blue, Pink, Red and Black

Available in three sizes:
30mm Piko Switch
50mm Piko Switch
65mm Buddy Button Switch

– all are adaptable.

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Particularly effective for those using head switches and tender parts of the body for connection.


Compassionate connections. A new approach in switch comfort. Pressing a switch should never cause discomfort again.

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