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Smile Smart System Powerchairs and controls. UK's leading Rehadapt mounting specialist for neurodisability switching, AAC and mobility.

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mo-Vis Micro Joystick
The mo-Vis Micro Joystick is a small proportional joystick, especially designed for people with poor or weak muscular power and/or restricted movement. More >>

mo-Vis Multi Joystick
The mo-Vis Multi Joystick is designed to be used as chin joystick, but thanks to its flexibility, it can easily be controlled by other parts of the body. More >>

mo-Vis All-round Joystick
The mo-Vis All-round Joystick is a compact version of the standard electronic wheelchair joystick module. This joystick has been developed for all-round use and is suitable for the majority of wheelchair users. More >>

mo-Vis Twister
The mo-Vis Twister is an elegant but sturdy small round switch with light sensitivity (30 gr) and a diameter of 17 mm. It’s available in 5 colors and in different models: basic or on-tube and with short (300 mm) or long (150 mm) cable. More >>

mo-Vis Multi Swing Mounting Arm
The mo-Vis Multi Swing Mounting Arm is a swing away motorised mounting arm, which is mounted on an electronic wheel chair. The Multi Swing is designed for the use of a chin control system, but can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools to the electronic wheelchair. More >>

mo-Vis Power Supply
This mo-Vis Power Supply adj. 7-20V, 3 Amp is intended to be fitted on any powered wheelchair with 24V connection and can be used to power any device with a DC voltage from 7 to 20 V and a power consumption  of up to 3 A. More >>

mo-Vis USB Charger
The Dual Port isolated mo-Vis USB Charger can be used to charge any USB-powered device with a power consumption of up to 3 A. The unit is powered by the wheelchair (24 V) and will transform the 24 V input voltage to an USB output voltage. More >>

mo-Vis Interface Omni-Easy Rider or DX
Interfaces to connect all mo-Vis Joysticks. More >>

BJOY Ring Wireless
This wireless transmitter allows individuals to use their mouse in an accurate and comfortable way, all from their wheelchair’s joystick. The clicks can be made using each individual’s own favourite external switches. More >>

Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse
The Quha Zono is the first gyroscopic mouse, designed for people with special needs. It is a wireless computer mouse that works in any position and with any moving part of the user’s body, by just rotating it. More >>

Mini Wheelchair Joystick
Our mini wheelchair joystick is a small, versatile control that can serve a number of purposes, including as a mouse, carers control and chin control. It is ideal for users with reduced dexterity as little strength or movement is needed to use it. More >>

Large Wheelchair Joystick
This joystick has been specially designed and created by our engineers to offer increased help for people with poor grip and dexterity. The joystick handle is a large sphere making it simple to grip and control the wheelchair in a safe and easy manner. More >>

Tecla Shield
The Tecla Shield provides access to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for those unable to manipulate them ordinarily. Tecla offers control of a device using familiar controls and switches already on an individual’s wheelchair. It is the only interface that works with both iOS and Android devices. More >>

Emergency Wheelchair Safety Stop Switch
This unique wireless emergency stop switch was developed by our highly-skilled engineers with the safety of all wheelchair users at its heart. The switch allows a carer to stop the chair remotely if they feel that the user is in any danger. More >>

Sip and Puff Switch
This essential switch offers control over a number of devices for people with severely restricted or no motor capability. It allows individuals to use switched controlled devices including computers, communication devices and environmental controls and is mounted to allow ease of access. More >>

Wheelchair Chin Control
Our chin control configuration uses the mini wheelchair joystick and the swing away chin control bracket to offer more freedom and independence to those with very limited mobility. It can also come with a sip and puff switch to allow two additional switch controls. More >>

Wheelchair Toe Control
Here at Smile Smart Technology we have designed and created a wheelchair toe control for people who find it easier to control their wheelchair using their toes or the ball of their foot. 360 degree proportional control offers users the peace of mind that the chair will work in the most responsive manner possible. More >>

Wheelchair Foot Control
Engineers at Smile Smart Technology designed and created a wheelchair foot control for people who prefer to control their wheelchair using their foot or heel. Fully proportional controls make the joystick easier and safer to use for individual’s lacking in confidence when manoeuvring their wheelchair. More >>