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Tecla Shield

The Tecla Shield provides access to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for those unable to manipulate them ordinarily.

Tecla gives you control of your device using familiar controls and switches already on your wheelchair. It is the only interface that works with both iOS and Android devices.

Access more than just a few apps

Individuals can explore their device, as well as interact with the built-in apps that allow users to take photographs, listen to music, browse the internet, make phone calls and watch videos.

With the Tecla Shield DOS, individuals can also access the on-screen keyboard to compose e-mails and messages, or enter text whenever needed.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts more than four days and supports dual switch inputs, such as the Suck and blow switch, straight out of the box. The system-wide voice assistance allows users to speak to Siri or enter text in to any text box. Packed full of great features Tecla has an 18 metre range and always connects automatically to the last paired device.

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Tecla Access