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Smile Smart System Powerchairs and controls. UK's leading Rehadapt mounting specialist for neurodisability switching, AAC and mobility.

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While we can supply an array of the standard switches and specialised switches, and are happy to do so, we also provide expert services in mounting and positioning of switches.

Single and Double Switch Wheelchair Mounts
Both the Single and Double Switch Mounts offer a simple, sturdy and versatile way of mounting control devices on the headrest of wheelchairs. These mounts, for buttons or joysticks, come with a switch adapter of the individual’s choice included. More >>

Assessment Single Switch Wheelchair Mount
The Assessment Single Switch Wheelchair Mount is an essential tool for anyone carrying out assessments. It is the ideal mount to help you create a detailed plan of what you will require to mount your switches. More >>

Smile STIKKI is a long lasting, washable alternative/replacement to Velcro, perfect for mounting certain switches and accessories such as tray tables. More >>

Sip & Puff Switch
This essential switch offers control over a number of devices for people with severely restricted or no motor capability. It allows individuals to use switched controlled devices including computers, communication devices and environmental controls and is mounted to allow ease of access. More >>

Switch Swap Box
Smile Smart Technology’s own Switch Swap Box allows individuals to control two output devices, such as a wheelchair and a communication aid, from the same input device, effortlessly switching between the two with just the click of a button. More >>

Emergency Wheelchair Safety Stop Switch
This unique wireless emergency wheelchair safety stop switch was developed by our highly-skilled engineers with the safety of all wheelchair users at its heart. The switch allows a carer to stop the chair remotely if they feel that the user is in any danger. More >>

Tecla Shield
The Tecla Shield provides access to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for those unable to manipulate them ordinarily. Tecla offers control of a device using familiar controls and switches already on an individual’s wheelchair. It is the only interface that works with both iOS and Android devices. More >>