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Smart System and controls; 
neurodisability switching and mounts
for mobility and communication

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Are you a parent or carer requiring specialist mobility and communication solutions for your child or relative?

‘The key to development and rehabilitation is to make people pro-active not re-active.’

Smile Smart Technology can help, with our specially developed innovative products to develop motivation and increase independence.

We are a family-run business with the passion and desire to make the lives of individuals with special needs as positive and independent as possible. Through their own personal experiences, Roger and Gwen, our founding directors, are able to offer advice, guidance and assistance to any patient, parent or carer providing an insight that is rarely found elsewhere.

Our fundamental goal at Smile Smart Technology is to maximise the potential of each individual we work with. We offer practical help and personal solutions based purely on the individual’s needs, putting their best interests at the heart of all of our work. We are passionate about helping people with special needs live a full and varied life.

Maximising Potential

At Smile Smart Technology we know that there is potential in everyone. The key is finding the best way to unlock it. Smile Smart Technology personal assessments enable individuals to establish their own goals and ambitions, our team then work out the best way to realise those aims, often surpassing what was originally believed possible.

Mobility Solutions

The greatest focus at Smile Smart Technology is upon ensuring that the correct solutions are in place for the right person and for the right reason. In combining the most appropriate products we are able to help help motivate individuals to find a new lease of life through their independence and freedom of expression, in turn enabling them to develop their own sense of fun and personality.

  • Since 1998 the only and ORIGINAL creator and manufacturer of Smile Smart Technology.
  • World’s leading specialist in the manufacture of Smile Smart Technology and application of allied switching and the skill of how to site the switching.