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Smile Smart System Powerchairs and controls. UK's leading Rehadapt mounting specialist for neurodisability switching, AAC and mobility.

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Smile Smart Technology is driven by the need to provide the best solution for each person and situation.

We meet and assess each individual at their home, school or chosen location, before developing a specific holistic solution to suit their requirements to help achieve personal goals that may be focused upon mounting, mobility or communication.

All Smile assistive technology products are designed to facilitate greater independence for users in performing tasks that they wish to accomplish.

We assess using an individual Smile Smart System Wheelchair where appropriate or using the Drivedeck. 

The Drivedeck is our specialist assessment device, widely used in schools and centres to teach switch access and joystick control and also as a tool for accurately assessing individual capacity for personal powerchairs along with switching and control prescriptions prior to purchase.

The Drivedeck facilitates assessment of switching, controls and developmental potential whilst the individual is sat in the comfort of their own existing seating.

Please contact us should you be interested in arranging an assessment session or to learn more about the Drivedeck and which schools have Drivedeck teaching facilities available.


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"Ours is a holistic approach with every person we meet. We break it down into layers. Seating, which is paramount, wheels for the journey that is about to taken and then the controls, which will provide the opportunity to try endless possibilities in the future….and have FUN!!!" Roger Dakin

We help people to source their personal requirements because we understand what is right for one individual may not be right for another.

Through individual assessments we are able to design and recommend a technical solution and if we do not have a switch or mount that addresses specific needs then we will endeavour to design something new in our workshop that will.

We strive to develop the most aesthetically pleasing designs we can, as we see that this goes hand-in-hand with functionality.