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Smart System and controls; 
neurodisability switching and mounts
for mobility and communication

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Smile Smart Technology is driven by the need to provide the best solution for each person and situation.

All Smile Smart Technology products are classed as assistive technology, granting greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish by increasing, maintaining or improving functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Smile Smart Technology believes the key to ensuring that any individual can live an independent and fulfilled life is gaining a clear understanding of their disability and their needs.

This is why Smile Smart Technology is unique. We personally meet and assess each individual before developing a specific holistic solution to suit their requirements to help achieve personal goals.



Smile Smart Technology provide personalised assistive technology solutions to improve the independence and mobility of those living with special needs. We help people to manage their own requirements because we understand what is right for one person may not be right for another.

Through individual personal assessments we are able to design and recommend an assistive technology solution that suits them individually. And if we do not have a switch or mount that addresses their specific needs then we will endeavour to design something new that will.